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Finance Programs

At MidPoint Equipment Finance, you benefit from the best finance programs available through one application. We're experts in our field, let us provide the tools so you can continue being the expert in yours.

Finance Amount
$5,000 - $500,000

Term Length
2 - 7 years

Highly Customizable

Loans and leases

Seasonal Payments

Prepay Options

Deferred Payments

Any equipment type

Add in soft costs

100% Financing
Finance 100% of the equipment, taxes, and delivery

Tax Advantages
Click here to see how much you could save 

Loan Amount
$5,000 - $750,000

Term Length
1 - 5 years

Unlimited Uses

Purchase Inventory



Business Upgrades

Bridge Receivables

Cash Flow

Fast, Easy Process
Approved in 4-6 hours, funds available same day

Flexible Programs
Pay off early at a discount or renew for additional cash

Line Amount
$25,000 - $2,000,000

Term Length

Increase or preserve your cash flow

Draw as you need it

Increase line over time

Prime Rates

No non-utilization fees

Interest-Only Payments
Monthly payments based on principal drawn

Convenient Access
Draw additional funds online, available same day

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Mid-Market Finance

Finance Amount
Up to $10,000,000

Term Length
2 - 10 years

Multiple Applications
Finance equipment
Leverage equity into cash
Commercial real-estate
Lease credit line

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Invoice Factoring

Finance Amount
% of Invoice Amount

Term Length
No set term

What is Factoring?
Receive 80-95% of your invoices in advance, allowing you to put that cash to work immediately

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Credit Review Process

While each program has unique criteria, the main tenants to our review center around these core elements.

Credit History

Your Experience


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide options for almost any business owner.  If you have questions on your eligibility, we'd be happy to pre-qualify you in a few short minutes.

* All programs, including equipment finance, may change and are subject to credit qualification.